What We Do

Night-Express Distribution

You expect the latest possible time for collection and the earliest possible delivery time? Our Night Express service is exactly the distribution service you are looking for. Whether carboot delivery, (un-) manned PUDOs® or dedicated lockable rooms – ESLA provides this service with the highest flexibility and quality. Based on your transmitted data and references, all goods can be tracked and traced in real-time, which enables a trustworthy digital proof of delivery. In case of any unexpected occurrences, we consider it our obligation to inform you pro-actively about the status of your shipment and to take counter-actions to secure a prompt delivery.

What We Do

Reverse Logistics

Through intelligent returns handling, inventories are minimized, transport is saved and that way, delay times are shortened. Stocks of spare parts in service organizations depend on the cycle time.

Logistics is not a one-way street

We collect returns, such as products, used materials, spare parts and include direct sorting at our HUB into: good parts / scrap parts / parts for refurbishment. For our clients, all shipment movements are transparent and traceable thanks to our extensive monitoring system. That is where we enter all our returns records directly into the individual merchandise management systems. This keeps you fully informed and enables us to make replacement parts and consumable supplies available for use in the distribution process as quickly as possible.

What We Do


Strategic warehousing aims at reducing handling and storage time for your company. In combination with our services Night Express Distribution, Overnight and Early Morning deliveries you enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing. We arrange a prompt supply to your technicians or customers straight from our warehouses and field stock locations for critical parts. The warehousing and distribution networks are customized to your organizational processes and needs. We offer tailor-made solutions allowing you to focus on your core business.

What We Do

SWAP – Smart Courier Service

Many products are supported by technical on-site services. Due to the fine distinction between demanding work and simple plug & play services you create extra value and cost-savings in your after-sales service. We ensure a proper roll-out and roll-back of your equipment and an on-site exchange by our trained drivers. Desk-to-desk service is guaranteed. Even with time options.

What We Do

FSL - Field Stock Location

A Field Stock Location (FSL) is a location in a specific area. We hold a strategic supply of essential (spare) parts which your technicians need on a regular base. In situations where your technician needs a certain part on short notice, driving to your company or regional warehouse takes too much time. One call to your customer service and we hit the road. Even in the evenings and at weekends, 24/7. Our drivers deliver the materials personally to your technician, and collects returns when necessary. Are you bound by service contracts guaranteeing a service technician on site within 2 to 4 hours? Then a City Stock is your best option.

What We Do

PUDO® - Pick up drop off

A PUDO® point is a location where your technicians may drop off returns or collect materials. In the morning, all the PUDOs® are stocked. Goods arriving from international and national networks are distributed to PUDO® locations through the delivery route. A high-density network provides the efficient availability of your spare parts. The entire flow (returned and collected goods) is precisely recorded by our scanning procedures. This information is reported back to you, depending on your requirements and reporting templates. Returns are transported back to your company’s warehouse or to any other specified location. The PUDO® network allows you to make last-minute decisions which technician should be scheduled and who should collect the parts. The service engineer identifies him/herself and our PUDO® partner hand over the materials.

What We Do

Repair Services

Our broad range of services set new standards and create competitive advantages for our customers. We implement all kinds of required tasks and tailored service solutions. Our trained technicians perform expert repairs at any end-user within 24 hours, replace components and have the necessary replacement parts on hand. We put our faith in high service quality, and we trust the performance of our own experts. This enables great flexibility while guaranteeing a high service level.

For complex repairs we have a central expert workshop in Germany. Our team of technicians is familiar with all common information technologies. Thanks to our product specialists, we can even carry out expert repairs on circuit boards. Our customers profit from the high quality and economy of a central repair center with an integrated warehouse of spare parts. That is why our services are both attractive for the end-user and the specialist retailer. We repair machines sent in to us and, on request, we also pick up defective machines.

What We Do

Disposal Logistics

The proper disposal of the products is a part of our corporate responsibility. ESLA helps you to create a recycling transport system based on containers positioned at collection points. Your customers dispose the used parts directly into our containers, which we empty at regular intervals. Depending on what is required, we simultaneously take care of the accumulation of used materials. By pre-sorting them in our sorting facility, we find the correct and environmentally sound destination for all units: recycling, disposal, refurbishing or repair. To meet the various European standards (WEEE) we cooperate exclusively with certified recycling companies.